Branding is the visual representation of your company. This covers all areas of visual language for the intended demographic. Our creative design techniques allow your ideas and design strategy to come to life. From your website to business cards, merchandise & advertisements we work in the exact tone and format perfectly fitted for your brand.  ​


A great way to raise awareness and build exposure for your services or products, wherever you are, it starts with your concept and goal. This can be with brochures, social media posts or even building an entire advertising campaign around the ideas you create. We make sure that your target group recognizes themselves in your message and concept, taking them into your world, portraying exactly what you intend. ​


At it’s best video tutorials, animations videos or advertisements are all about storytelling. An amazing video combines text, images and music to draw in your intended audience.


Our creative videos grip your audience with the clear and compelling ideas you aim to present by telling a story unlike any other medium. We know the impact a great story has and we intend to open your world to this exposure.


Experience the creations of Hollands Brandmerk in our showreel below.